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​​​​​​​​Partial list of organizations served.

Sears Roebuck Company,  Northern Trust Company,   Harris Bank,  Reynolds Aluminum Company,  Dunbar Federal Armored Express,  Podalak Metal Products, Inc.,  Sid Harvey's, Inc.,  OC Hardwood,  Peerless Products, Inc.,  Marshall Furniture Corporation,  Atari Corporation,  The Mattress Factory,  Reliable Building Systems, Inc.,  Memetron, Inc.,  Alpha Lighting, Inc., Hawthorn Realty Group, Inc.,  Homecorps, Inc.,  AM Investments, Inc., Superior MFG. Group, Inc.,  R.J. Development Corporation, Ameritex Custom Embroidery, Buy Cycles Loop, Inc.,  Margolin Shoe Company,  Wells Gardner Electronics Corporation, The Millard Group,  G & D Enterprises, Inc.,  Scott Abbott Mfg. Co.,  Rand Corporation, Acrylic Design, Inc.,  Scott Abbott, Inc.,  Thermo Electric Company,  In-Flight Duty Free Shops, Inc.  Gourmet Today, Inc., Superior Manufacturing, Inc.,  Infant Juvenile Furniture, Inc.,  R.A. Zweig, Inc.,  AMerican Rack Company,  DM Merchandising, Noble Metal Processing, Inc.,  Harvard Services, Inc.,  RL Specialty, Inc., Cislak, Inc.,  Cloud Packaging Solutions, Inc.,  AAA Engineering, Logan's Best,  Leo's Advanced Theatrical, DiStefano Sales Company,  Aquanot, Inc.,  Revere Mills, Inc.,  Crest Hill, Inc.,  New Management, Inc. Custom Cut Woodwork, Inc.,  Artistry, Ltd., Home Value, LLC,  Flying Foods, Inc.,  INI Botancials,  Ross Art Facilities, Inc.,  Schneiderman & Kohn LTD.,  Gaylord Bag Company, Honeycomb Product, Inc., Groot, Inc., K & A Precision, Inc.,  P & M Consolidator, Automation Systems, Inc., Gaylord Container,  Aetna Plywood, Inc.,  Identity Links,  Sweet Sensations, Inc., Sharprint Promotional Products, Inc.,  VMC, Inc.,  Natural Formulations,  Ryder Logistics, Inc.,  New Haven, Inc.,  Higher Gear, Inc.,  Admiral Security Services, Inc.,  Geneva Steel, Ltd.,  Dymatic, Inc.,  E. Terry, Inc.,  Mid-City Automotive, Inc.,  Zoll Dental Corporation, Courtesy Fasteners, Inc.,  Raguard Printers, Ltd.,  Amity Die & Stamping, Inc.,  Horizon Services, Inc.,  Noble Metal Processing, Inc.,  AGT Tax Advisory Group,  Antioch Tire, Inc., Magid Glove & Safety, LLC,  A perfect Pearl,  Studio Stichers, Inc.,  Olson-Baber, Inc.,  Quality Elevator, Inc., Central Pack, Inc.,  Skill Di, Inc.,  Corrugated Systems, Inc.,  The Cart Spa, LLC, Luna Carpet & Blinds,  Schurgard, Inc.,  Atlas-Gelibter, Lazar's Infant Furniture, Inc.,  Maverick Direct Marketing, LLC.,  KCP Metal Fabricators,  Fitness Manufacturing Partners,  URB, INC.,  Sicame Corporation,  In-Step Mobility Products Corp.,  CIC Plus,  URB, Inc.,  A-1 Lithoplate Inc.,  Thermo-Electric Corporation, Inc.,  Buy Cycles, Inc., Aqua Service Company, Alpha Tool, K & W Ltd.,  Prologis,  Melichsia Boss,  Home-Care, Ltd., Waveland, Inc.,  Bucktown Recycling Company,  Fields & Associates,  Integrated DNA Technologies,  Kraft Paper,  Dean Lally, L.P.,  Auto Pro, Inc.,  Accessories Plus, Inc., Waveland,      

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