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Technology has reduced costs significantly for marketing commercial real estate.  Is a high priced broker worth the additional expense?   We believe, no.

​​Lease or Sale  (Property Disposition)

Whether a large or small brokerage organization, commercial real estate professionals almost always utilize the exact same multiple listing system (MLS) when advertising the availability of a property.  The individual broker you hire will have more impact on the representation of your property in the marketplace vs. the organization you hire.  

Is a large real estate company a good choice for what you want accomplished?  Sometimes though often not.   Depends on a variety of issues.  One issue worth analyzing is competing properties being offered by the brokerage organization and/or individual you hire.  If they are trying to simultaneously represent similar properties to yours (similar in size and location) it's worthwhile to consider potential conflict-of-interest concerns. 

Another issue worth your consideration is number of properties being handled by your broker representative. If the broker you hire is handling many properties, you have to doubt they're going to spend much time doing any marketing that is "specific" to your available property (such as cold calling the area and/or cold calling the most viable prospective users for your property.    

For more than thirty years KBF has developed a reputation of honesty and integrity.  We invite you to utilize and benefit from our decades of experience.  We've assisted owners in most every sub-market of Metro-Chicago. 

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